Port Development Strategy 2030

Port Development Strategy 2030

The Port Development Strategy 2030 provides an overarching framework for the future development of PPA’s ports in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. It focuses on land use, infrastructure development and logistics to enhance trade through PPA’s ports, including the Port of Port Hedland, the Port of Dampier and the Port of Ashburton, as well as the proposed ports of Anketell, Balla Balla and Cape Preston East.

Port of Ashburton Master Plan

PPA’s Port of Ashburton’s Master Plan is to plan for the long term development of the port, including delineation of land use precincts within the port, identification of essential infrastructure, and provision of the port’s ultimate development in 2050.

The Master Plan further develops the strategies identified in PPA’s Port Development Strategy 2030.

Port of Ashburton Master Plan         4MB


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