Value Proposition - Our highlights and achievements

Value Proposition

With a vision of being the global leader in port planning, operations and marine services, Pilbara Ports Authority continuously seeks to improve its operations for the benefit of customers, stakeholders and local communities.

In recent years, Pilbara Ports Authority has handled significant increases in Western Australian exports, and in 2015/16 achieved a record throughput of 633.5 million tonnes (Mt), an increase of 13.5Mt from the previous financial year.
To facilitate the increased throughput as well as improve productivity, Pilbara Ports Authority has focused its attention on working as safely and efficiently as possible.

While efficient, Pilbara Ports Authority has also sought to be innovative, and has invested in world leading projects and maritime technologies to maximise port efficiency and safety. These have allowed for the management of larger vessels, increasing vessel draft and increasing loaded capacity on vessels, while reducing risk.

Pilbara Ports Authority has developed a Value Proposition that seeks to better inform customers, stakeholders and local communities of the organisation’s achievements. 

Above all, Pilbara Ports Authority is committed to building sustainable communities, supporting the operations of port users and creating opportunities for growth.

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