2017 Biennial Ports WA Forum


Session 1: Government priorities for WA Ports
Ports Australia - Future direction (Hon. Michael Gallacher) DOWNLOAD (2.6MB)
State economic outlook (Michael Barnes)  DOWNLOAD (1.35MB)
Session 2: Future trade, diversification and emerging trends 
Outlook for WA growth and opportunities (Geoffrey Wedgwood) - DOWNLOAD (990KB)
Shipping trends (Peter Malpas)  - DOWNLOAD (2.7MB)
Livestock exports (Harold Sealy) - DOWNLOAD (1.1MB)
Cruise shipping and tourism (Renata Lowe) - DOWLOAD (8.5MB)
Session 3: Master planning, safety and protection of ports
Port master planning (Billy Cilliers) - For information contact Billy Cillier 
Road vs rail network/Corridor protection (Nicole Lockwood) - DOWNLOAD (2MB)
Maintaining a strong safety- first culture (Todd Brewer) - DOWLOAD (1MB)
Session 4: Development and environmental initiatives
Development of browse basin (Kevin Schellack) - DOWNLOAD (2.4MB)
Department amalgamation and environmental initiatives underway (Patrick Seares) - For more information contact Patrick Seares
Best practice environmental initiatives (Roger Johnston) - DOWNLOAD (4.14MB)
Session 5: Managing risk and reputation
Collaborating with stakeholders (Jon O'Loughlin) - DOWNLOAD (1.9MB)
Risk management (Vic Justice) - DOWNLOAD (1.4MB)
Three Ports - One Southern Ports (Nicolas Fertin) - DOWNLOAD (2.1MB)
Session 6: Innovation and technology
Optimising efficiency through innovative marine technology (Myron Fernandes) - For more information contact Myron Fernandes
Ship simulation technology (Ben Spalding) DOWNLOAD (4.5MB)
LNG as a marine fuel in WA (Walter P. Purio) DOWNLOAD (840KB)


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