Carbon Neutral

PPA has been offsetting  carbon emission for its entire fleet across Dampier, Perth and Port Hedland , including vehicles, trucks, mobile plant and pilot boats since 2004. To offset our CO₂ emissions, PPA has purchased Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets from an Australian company, Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd, who on our behalf plant trees in the eastern wheat belt area of Western Australia, under a reforestation program. Within the last 100 years, over 90% of the northern Wheatbelt (known as the Mid West) has been cleared for agriculture. Some of this area has now been reclaimed and will be revegetated with native plants, allowing native insects, birds and animals to move back into this area in time. As well as enhancing biodiversity and sequestering greenhouse gas emissions, trees planted by Carbon Neutral contribute towards reducing soil salinity, saving and restoring water quality, cutting soil and water erosion and providing windbreaks.
Since 2004 PPA has:

  • offset 8,252 tonnes of carbon emissions in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor; and
  • cumulatively contributed to the establishment of 1,259 native trees/ shrubs.

See our latest certificate here.

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